Octopus Fights Back At Woman Trying To Eat It Alive

In an example of sweet, sweet revenge, a woman in China filmed herself trying to eat a live octopus only to have it attack her instead. The woman, a vlogger who goes by Seaside Girl Little Seven, frequently posts clips of herself eating seafood, but after expressing frustration that her videos weren’t getting more views, she decided to try something a little different. Her experiment…did not end well.

The 50-second clip was first posted on short-video platform Kuaishou.

At first, the young woman is smiling, but things quickly go awry as she realizes the octopus is really stuck to her face.

Her face distorts as she attempts to pull the octopus’ suckers from her skin.

She finally tears the poor living creature fighting for its life off her face, revealing that she’s got a small injury.

And vows to eat it in the next video, according to Bored Panda.

Seaside Girl Little Seven’s video calls to mind a gruesome scene from the movie Oldboy in which a man does manage to scarf down a live octopus. The actor, Choi Min-sik is a Buddhist and vegetarian, so it makes sense to think that the octopus was CGI, but uh-uh, it was real. He ate four octopuses, actually, because they did the scene four times to get it right. The director, Park Chan-wook revealed that before each take, Choi “would pray to the octopus offering it his apology.”

How a person can eat a living animal is beyond me. It just seems cruel. The octopus is an extremely intelligent and sensitive creature. And she didn’t even apologize. It’s just rude, honestly.

But you can check out the whole video below. Be forewarned though: it contains graphic footage of, hello, a young woman trying to eat a damn live octopus and the poor octopus fighting for its life.

h/t: Bored Panda 

Dean Altman

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.