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OnlyFans Parents Respond To Haters Who Say They’re Bad Parents

A Texas couple who have faced backlash IRL for their raunchy OnlyFans account are speaking out to defend their choice of work.

Courtney Ann and Nick started doing OnlyFans together during the pandemic, with Nick taking the pictures and Courtney Ann doing the sexy posing.

Their “Texas Thighs” account boasts “exclusive photo sets and fun throwback videos” for subscribers, and clarifies on the page that the content is “cheeky and NSFW but not porn!” And according to the duo, it brings in around $350,000 a year — which they say breaks down to making more in a month than they used to make in a year with other jobs.


But some folks have apparently caused some issues for Courtney Ann and Nick, starting local rumors about sex parties, harassing their friends, and telling them that their two teenage daughters are “gonna be whores” like Courtney Ann.

“When my best friend stays over and posts on social media about being here, she will, without fail, receive DMs asking her if she is having sex with myself and Nick,” she told Jam Press. “Another friend was asked what it’s like at our house and if we have sex parties and walk around naked.”

But despite the negative attention, the Texans say they’re living their best lives right now — having more free time to spend with their kids, and the means to do fun things together as a family.

“We’ve been on more vacations during this time than all of our years together combined. Nick and I have been able to not only give them experiences but also so much more of our actual time,” Courtney Ann said.

The couple has started homeschooling their children and they work on their OnlyFans content while the girls are doing work in the other room. After work and school is finished, they say they just do “normal family” things together, and that the free time and lessened stress due to financial security has allowed their family bond to grow stronger than ever.

And yes, their teens are fully aware of how Mom and Dad make their money these days. Courtney Ann says her daughters “think it’s funny and crazy that people judge us for what we do.”

She also has a message for all the people who know her and her husband in real life who have struggled to accept their change of careers.

“It’s weird to think some people believe I have changed just because I embraced another side of myself,” she admitted. “People think that if women are being sexy or sexual at all then they must not be a good mother, [but] feeling sexy and taking pride in it is empowering and strengthening.”