People Are Sharing “Which Tv Couple Has The Worst Onscreen Chemistry?” (20 Pics)

Some relationships are just not meant to be. TV and movie writers generally try to set up potential relationships in a way that builds tension between the couple and makes the audience want them to end up together. These romances, however, did not work that way.

Occasionally, writers totally come out of left field with a couple that just does not work together. It can be distracting and hard to watch but honestly, it’s not the writer’s fault. Real-life couples are like that too!

Sometimes my writers just try to cram characters with no chemistry together for 2 or 3 seasons and all the viewers watch in agony! It happens! I’m working on getting some better people on staff around here.

Twitter user @jordaylas asked people to share the TV couple with the worst chemistry and people had some pretty great responses.

*Caution! This may contain spoilers– continue at your own risk!*


2. Nancy and Jonathan from Stranger Things.

3. Rachel and Joey on Friends. 

4. Dan and Blair from Gossip Girl. 

5. Ted and Robin on How I Met Your Mother.

6. Eleanor and Chidi on The Good Place.

7. Carrie and Aidan from Sex and The City. 

8. Natasha and Bruce from The Avengers.

9. Bella and Edward in Twilight.

10. Abby and Harper in Happiest Season. 

11. Harry and Ginny from Harry Potter. 

12. Troy and Britta from Community. 

13. Izzy and George from Grey’s Anatomy. 

14. Raven and Eddie from That’s So Raven. 

15. Gabe and Erin from The Office. 

16. Jon and Daenerys from Game of Thrones. 

17. George and Callie from Grey’s Anatomy. 

18. Rick and Michonne from The Walking Dead. 

19. Fez and Jackie from That 70s Show. 

20. Mia and Sebastian from LaLaLand.