50 People Who Should Be Banned From Airplanes For Life

If you’ve ever flown on a commercial airline or taken any public transportation for an extended amount of time, you’re probably familiar with those select few passengers who are less than considerate of their travel companions. You know, the people who treat any public place as if it were their own living room or even bedroom and have no concept of privacy.

We’ve all had the misfortune of encountering such individuals at some point in time, but the following 50 photos depict the worst scenarios I’ve seen to date. You’ve been warned. 

1. This man who decided to air out his sweaty sneaker.

2. This dingus who put an opened bowl of soup into their seat pocket.

3. This inconsiderate individual who refused to wear a shirt. 

4. This person who thought the tray table was their own personal ottoman.

5. This woman who decided to do all of her packing at the airport. 

6. This confused person who stored their shoes in a place they don’t belong. 

7. This woman whose face got cold so she decided to put plastic over it…

8. This fool who’s making a poor child smell his stank feet. 

9. A man who brought his rubber companion along with him. 

10. These parents that are allowing their kid to stand on the tray table. 

11. This atrocious mess left by adults. 

12. Not sure what’s happening here. 

13. Someone’s child who clearly ran out of paper. 

14. These truly terrifying appendages. 

15. Someone who has no personal awareness. 

16. This man attempting to heat his pizza. 

17. An individual who decided to nap in the aisle.

18. Some beef left behind in first class. 

19. Someone who thought the airplane was a good place to potty train. 

20. This woman who’s…I’m not sure I want to know. 

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21. This passenger who could really use a blanket.

22. This man who has no clue how reflective surfaces work.

23. This hairy movie special. 

24. A bachelorette party that should probably have waited to stiffen things up.

25. The owner of these hobbit feet that haven’t seen a shower in days. 

26. A terrible choice of travel attire. 

27. This lonely foot that’s uncomfortably close to a man’s head. 

28. This rather scantily clad individual. 

29. Four feet way up in the air. 

30. A blessed traveler keeping an eye on things. 

31. This piece of luggage that’s totally regulation size. 

32. A guitar enthusiast who should wait until after the plane lands. 

33. And a flutist practicing his scales. 

34. This utterly unphased passenger who’s making herself at home. 

35. Yet another disgusting mess left behind my grown ass adults. 

36. Entitlement in a photograph. 

37. It must be very warm on this airplane. 

38. A bottle of something that’s definitely not apple juice. 

39. These toes that need to go back to where they came from. 

40. Just every flight heading to Disney World. 

41. A poor excuse for a human being who left this behind. 

42. Or these people who decided to do laundry mid-flight. 

43. Some more hairy intrusion. 

44. An aisle that was used as a personal trashcan. 

45. All hail the feet. 

46. This clearly inept passenger. 

47. Someone who brought their taxidermy along. 

48. Two passengers who thought they were in a motel. 

49. Maybe it was these people.

50. And finally, a man whose luggage is clearly more important than everyone else’s.

H/T Bored Panda