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New ‘Pregnant Man’ Emoji Fueling Debate On Twitter

We communicate with each other in a lot of ways—and one of the most common is through emojis. We use them in texts and on social media, oftentimes in place of words or to emphasize what we’re saying. What started as a few emojis has evolved into an entire vocabulary—and it’s still evolving today.

New emoji drafts were just unveiled in honor of World Emoji Day. There are new hand gestures, such as handshakes between hands of different colors. There is a slide, some beans, and a disco ball. And there is a pregnant man and pregnant non-binary person.

The approval of these emoji drafts won’t be completed until September. However, some people on Twitter were confused about the pregnant man and pregnant non-binary person, which are meant to represent transgender men and other non-binary LGBTQ persons.

Others were just outraged because it’s perfectly worth your time to get angry about emojis that don’t represent you. And some just made fun of the image, noting that it will probably be used a lot to represent people who are stuffed after eating a huge meal.

But lots of people were happy to see trans and non-binary representation.

Featured Image: Twitter