laugh cry emoji

Gen Z Is Dragging The Laugh-Cry Emoji And Millennials Aren’t Taking It Well

In battle-of-the-generations news, millennials are learning the hard truth that they’ve crossed the “cool” threshold.

Items that are embedded in the millennial experience — skinny jeans, side parts, cake-y ’90s makeup — are big, uncool red flags to Gen Z. Middle parts and wide-legged are the trends, in case there is a millennial reading this that desperately wants to fit in with Gen Z.

For the rest, this realization has been rough. Possibly even a topic in therapy.

And the hits keep coming, too.

Now Millennials are learning the beloved laugh-cry emoji, the emoji that expresses absolute joy, isn’t allowed!?

See? Everyone is really confused over this!!

One thing is certain: there is no going back from the laugh-cry emoji. Millennials have settled in and they are comfortable.

To the point where… we’re not sure Gen Z is going to win this battle. This emoji is EMBEDDED in Millennial culture.

It’s literally never going to happen.

Because the truth is this: what Gen Z doesn’t know is that sometime after 30, they will become weary of this world and too tired to care about which emojis are ✨fashionable✨.