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Prince William Was Named “Sexiest Bald Man” And People Were Not Here For It

A bald-faced lie, that’s what the Internet thinks of Prince William being named as the world’s sexiest bald man.

A so-called “study” conducted by a cosmetic surgery group used Google search keywords to give Prince William the crown of “sexiest bald man.”

The prince had 17.6 million searches, while Mike Tyson hit second with 8.8 million searches and Jason Statham was third with 7.4 million.

The study wasn’t really so much a study as it “used” Google, which was pointed out by Dan Barker on Twitter.

Dan explains that the original article was also not actually run by The Independent; The Sun was the original’s publication, it was just regurgitated by The Independent and shared like wildfire. And The Sun, for whatever reason, just flat up neglected to share the thing on Twitter. Oops.

But more importantly, the thing is not actually a survey.

The entire “study” was just “how many times did this person get a Google Search”, and considering the spate of Royal Family News pieces lately, this certainly makes sense.

Either way, the internet was… not impressed with the entire thing.

They came out in droves for other bald men. Especially Stanley Tucci.

Stanley Tucci I will avenge you,” wrote @beebabs.

“Look, regardless of your opinion of the royal family, I think we can ALL agree that this is Stanley Tucci erasure and it shall not stand,” wrote user Ellie Hall.

Tucci even entered the fray! He posed a collage on Instagram with himself and other bald celebrities.

Gotta love that self confidence. And that Tilda Swinton made that grid. “Whose crown should wear this crown? So many wonderful choices,” Tucci added as the caption.

More people online also stood up for other celebs.