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Woman’s Viral Tweet About Asking A Contractor For A Quote After Midnight Sparks Debate On Twitter

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There are just some things you do not do. One of those is sending a professional message after standard business hours. People are winding down and thinking about, IDK, things that don’t stress them out.

One woman is going viral for tweeting about a customer service exchange she had. Evandra is CEO of EMC Cosmetics and is also an interior architectural designer. Recently, she reached out to someone via text for a carpet quote. And it was past midnight. The person responded with the quote, as well as a very good question: “Who the f*** asks for carpets at 12:15 am?”

This person has a point!

Evandra shared the exchange on Twitter and captioned it with “Loooll??? But what in the name of customer service have I just experienced.”

The tweet went viral, receiving 172.1K likes, 11.4K retweets, and a whole lot of commentary on the situation. Many people took the customer service rep’s side.

While others supported Evandra’s right to text about carpet whenever she pleases.

One person just vicariously lived their customer service dreams through this text.

And a lot pointed out how technology has features that prevent you from being disturbed.

The debate got so out of hand that Evandra posted a Twitter poll to determine who was in the wrong between her and the carpet customer service representative.

Apparently, customer service served with some sass has been gaining in popularity.

So, which side do you fall on?

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