Horrifying ‘Nice Guy’ Text Exchange Shows Why You Should Never Give Out A Woman’s Number Without Permission

Ah, the curse of the Nice Guy. Women know that if a man self-identifies as “nice” he is almost certainly going to do or say something extremely f*cked up immediately afterwards. It’s such a Red Flag there’s an entire subreddit dedicated to the phenomenon called r/NiceGuys.

One entry is making the rounds after a Twitter user named @auntbeckyrose screenshot and shared it with her followers. She couldn’t believe what she read.

The original post was from u/foot-waffle on r/NiceGuys, and it’s a two-parter. The first post showed her conversation with a guy she didn’t know and it’s titled, “I thought responding as neutrally as possible would work. I guess I was wrong?”

Apparently, a “friend” of hers gave him her number without her permission, and this is what he blew up her texts with:


This guy went from disrespecting her relationship to disrespecting her privacy to making her responsible for his mental health and back to disrespecting her relationship so fast it gave me whiplash just reading it. There’s so much to unpack that’s messed up in these messages it’s hard to know where to begin. First of all, no one has to get to know you if they don’t want to, no one has to let you look at their Instagram, and finally, seek a therapist if you’re thinking about self-harm, not a girlfriend.

Naturally, the original poster was not thrilled about her number being given out. She shared what happened when she messaged the “friend” who did it. He was not sympathetic:

Can you believe the audacity to suggest his friend doesn’t want to get in her pants? He literally talks about her long distance relationship, so her dating status is clearly relevant! The gaslighting! The AUDACITY. People cannot believe:


In comments, u/foot-waffle says that the person who gave her number out wasn’t actually a friend, they just worked together on a school project, and she has blocked him. So, there is a silver lining in all this, which is that her actual friends aren’t giant a**holes. Beware the Nice Guys, they travel in packs!