Woman Blows Up At Fiancé For Refusing To Quit Making A Stupid Meme Face In Engagement Photos

Some people hate taking pictures. Or else they think that every picture has to be goofy or weird.

That’s fine—but what if your fiancé requested that you just smile nicely for the camera for your engagement pictures and you just absolutely could not?

One Redditor is furious at her fiancé for refusing to take nice pictures and instead making a face that is more infamously known as the “soy grin”—so she blew up at him.

“Soy grin” example via Know Your Meme

He’s obviously immature, but did she handle the situation in the best way?

“My fiancé makes this really stupid face in pictures. Smile big, but with your mouth closed. Then just let your jaw hang open. It’s this awkward, weird cross between a smile and gaping mouth. Sometimes he just opens his mouth really wide without a smile, and looks super idk, shocked? Excited? He only does it sometimes though,” the OP writes.

“Before we started taking pictures, I just asked him if we could try to make these nice pictures so we can share them. Got the camera ready and he makes the face. I asked him if he could just smile regularly he got all pouty, saying ‘that’s no fun’ and ‘come on, lighten up.’ I got really frustrated because we took about 5 pictures with that stupid face. I even made the face with him once thinking it would get him to do a normal one, but he refused,” she added.

“I got REALLY frustrated and asked him why he’s doing this, does he not want to make an announcement, etc, and he said he did, but he didn’t get what was wrong with ‘showing a little personality’ while we did it. I said that we don’t have many ‘nice’ pictures of us other than ones at other weddings — where he’s NOT making that face — so can we just get ONE? And if it’s SO important to him, he can send the one of us making that face together to his family/friends and I’ll send the other one out to mine. He said that was stupid. I finally said fine, we’ll just send out an old picture from someone’s wedding or something where we actually look nice. He told me I was being hypersensitive and it shouldn’t matter so much what other people think, and I said it’s not about what other people think, it’s about what I think.”

“Maybe I went too far, but I said ‘If you can’t even just pose for a few pictures with a normal face instead of looking like you’re a drunk frat guy waiting for someone to shove a c*ck in your mouth, maybe you’re not mature enough to get married yet.'”

What do Redditors think?

“Often times the people who say stuff like that, just want you to give in. It’s not a big deal, but it’s big enough of a hill that they are willing to die on. It’s big enough of a deal for them to not compromise with their significant other (I guess in this case, you’re a not-significant-enough other.) I think the message you said had the intention to hurt, but I understand it’s purely out of frustration. So I’d say it’s a bit of a AH thing to say. But I agree with your sentiment. If he’s unwilling to compromise on something so insignificant (and not mature enough to respect his own wedding/wedding invitation – and his partner’s wish), what’s going to happen in the future when there are more serious issues to compromise between the two of you,” said philip_regular.

“When I read your post to my husband and you got to the part about what you said to him… husband said ‘DING!’ at the same time I literally made a big thumbs up. Op, do not marry this joker. You will be in for a lifetime of his crap. Back away now. You don’t have the same sense of humor-and that’s ok! You don’t have to. Why torture yourself.” — Servantofbosco

“As a young man who is engaged, he isn’t even willing to budge on something as slight as smiling normally just to make you happy. Think about that specifically. Something so simple simply to make you happy. Whats he gonna do if it’s a financial or parenting decision? Sounds like what you think is irrelevant to his feelings,” noted Confessiothrowaway.

“If he knows it bothers you and refuses to even compromise on taking a single normal picture as you would like, then he’s being an immature asshole. Like how difficult is it to not making a fucking face? Just smile, take the pic, and then make your stupid faces afterward or something. How is he incapable of compromising on not making a face? I don’t think you were at all out of line for questioning his fitness as a life partner when he’s failed at being a good partner in even this very simple, basic way. If he tears you down for wanting a decent picture without this face, what else is he going to refuse to compromise on that you have every right to have your say in? You’re NTA for wanting very basic things, and trying to comprise on something that he has no excuse for doing in the first place since he knows you don’t like it,” explained The-Last-American.

“ESH. Honestly neither of you seem ready for the marriage if a simple disagreement turns into disrespect on each side. He dismissed your feelings and you decided to make fun of him. I understand why you were frustrated and he should have smiled just to make you happy but your response wasn’t proportional. Can’t want maturity if you don’t dish it out,” said sunflowerpolkadot.

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