This Woman Going To Extremes For A Subway Selfie Is The Hero We Need

Taking a selfie is as normalized as breathing at this point in social media history. It can still feel a bit awkward in the wrong environment. Other people are watching you feel yourself, and that can be embarrassing.

Unless that is, the part of your brain that feels embarrassment has been disconnected. Twitter user Ben Yahr shared a video of a woman who seems to have pushed past all selfie self-consciousness, and it’s amazing to watch.

To be fair, she’s alone on the train. Is she visiting the city for the first time? is this her only chance to get a good shot on an iconic NYC train? Is she headed somewhere special?

All we know is that she is working the hell out of her camera phone and doesn’t care who sees:

Ordinarily, this would feel like an invasion of this woman’s privacy, but she clearly wants to be seen. In fact, it wasn’t long before she saw the viral tweet of her exhibitionism and shared the results of her personal photoshoot in the replies:

Yesss, Jess! Face and full body realness. The proof is in the results, and this queen delivered!

A few sad old jerks (or angry young ones) jumped in to criticize Jess for wanting to take pictures of herself, but they got slapped down pretty hard, pretty fast:

Most people are 100% on board with this. If you’re having a day where you’re feeling cute, you gotta document it. Hot Girl Summer ain’t over yet.

Most wish they had the confidence necessary to get exactly the shot they want in public:

It’s not too late to get to the train, folks. Even if you don’t want a subway selfie, bring this confidence to werk.