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Gamer Girl Sells ‘Thirsty’ Followers Her Bath Water And Becomes The Internet’s Hero

Belle Delphine is a cosplayer who has almost four million Instagram followers, partly because her cosplay is amazing, partly because she is hot as hell. Delphine markets herself as a “real gamer girl,” and for all I know, she is one.

You don’t have to be super hot or super not hot to enjoy playing video games. But being a gamer girl online is often contentious because of all the gamer dudes questioning you, harassing you, and generally killing the vibe. Delphine, however, is an extremely savvy woman who has taken that weird horny aggressive energy and turned it into a business.

It all started with a few joking PornHub posts Delphine offered to make if followers liked a photo of hers on Instagram over a million times, Polygon reports. Of course, she got the likes she wanted, but the post on PornHub was a bit of a troll.

The video she posted, titled, “Belle Delphine strokes two BIG cocks,” is actually of her petting two chickens. Similar posts showed her getting “double penetrated” by sticking two cigarettes in her nose. To be honest, someone out there probably has a fetish for that, but most viewers were disappointed. here she is doing “tentacle porn,” in a way:

Delphine is kind of dunking on all the men who follow her and they in turn are enjoying it, because she does post a lot of pics like this:

Delphine has a Patreon and also makes money at her online store, where you can mostly buy posters. But she has a new product online: her own bath water. Yum.

A little jar of Delphine’s bath water goes for about $30.00, but as of this writing, it is OUT OF STOCK. 

Belle Delphine Store
Belle Delphine Store

Much to even Delphine’s surprise:

That’s totally ridiculous. She must bathe regularly to have such nice skin! This is the perfect product to make at home, too, and the marketing copy is so good:

“Bottled while I’m playing in the bath ^-^  This really is bath water.. disclaimer: This water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes.”

I like to imagine one person bought all her bath water so they could fill up their own bath with it.

Belle Delphine’s various stunts have attracted a lot of attention, even from people who aren’t necessarily super into gaming or cosplay. Probably because it’s hilarious how many people want her bathwater.

While discussing this matter with my colleagues, someone referred to Delphine as a “scammer.” Where is the scam? She’s offering a product, she’s explicit about what it is and what it can safely be used for, and people can get it in exchange for money. That’s a business, and Delphine knows her market. It’s a thirsty one.