25 Horny Replies That’ll Make You Ask The Nearest Man ‘WTF Is Wrong With Your Gender?’

Women have been annoyed with men since probably the beginning of time, mainly because men have always been obnoxious. But on social media, it’s worse than anyone could have ever predicted. Because of the internet, men have all new ways of bothering women when they’re not even around them. NOWHERE IS SAFE. Just look at these times men have irked women with the horniest possible replies, usually at the absolutely most inappropriate times. It’s like they have a talent for wrongness (but that’s nothing to be proud of). 

Ugh. Decent men, if you’re out there, please come collect these jerks from your gender. 

1. Like this guy, who used freaking LINKEDIN to hit on a woman he found attractive. 

2. And this guy, who at least gets marks for consistency. 


3. This guy, whose emoji privileges should be forever revoked. 

4. This guy, who I just can’t stop shaking my head at. 

5. This guy, who has a weird idea of how women watch Game of Thrones. Also, it’s “you’re.” Siiiiiiigh. 


6. This guy, who just YIKES. 

7. This guy, who needs to learn to read the room. 

8. This guy, who thinks pretty highly of himself. 

9. This guy, who needs to work on his pick up lines. BUT NOT ON DM. 


10. This guy, who doesn’t want her to get to work on time. RUDE. 

11. This guy, who needs a breathalyzer on his phone. 


12. This guy, who is confusing someone’s boobs with an aloe plant. 

13. This guy, who should pay attention to who he’s texting. 


14. This guy, who missed the point by a mile, but who clearly gives zero f*cks. 

15. This guy, who needs to find a new major ASAP. 


16. This guy, who is now this woman’s pet peeve. 


17. This guy, who thought he’d found a slick way to ask for nudes. 

18. This guy, who didn’t understand how group chats work. 


19. This guy who really should not be allowed online ever. 


20. This guy who should probably just give it up already. 

21. This guy, who is NOT SORRY ENOUGH. 

22. This account, because ew. 

23. This guy, who should learn to be quieter. 

24. This guy, who just doesn’t get it. 

25. And this guy, who is convincing women everywhere to never post pictures of themselves online unless they are wearing a full-on Hannibal Lechter mask. 

h/t: Twitter: @guyinthereply