Supermarket Has Hilarious Response To A Woman Finding A Worm In Her Salad

Finding a worm in your food at a restaurant/supermarket is usually grounds for complaints and a free meal—right? If I find a hair in my food, I get grossed out and can hardly eat anymore. I’m not one to complain (having worked in the restaurant industry for over a decade), but there are some things that are majorly disgusting when it comes to food.

Leila Jayne Daly was eating lettuce purchased from Sainsbury’s—a supermarket—when she found an actual worm in her salad. She even posted photos to confirm that in fact, it was a real, live worm.

She immediately decided to write to the company’s Facebook page. Leila said that after seeing the worm, she realized she couldn’t eat the lettuce in her salad and opted for a burger instead. She told the company that because of the worm, she had to become a “fat prostitute.”

The company answered back saying that due to the beauty of her salad, they could offer her a career change instead of being a prostitute. They also offered her some free sh*t—which is always nice.

Leila responded saying that she would be okay with them keeping their stores open, so as long as she was gifted with a Ferrari and fresh lettuce. She also said her new worm-pet needs some TLC—including Netflix.

The company said that the fresh lettuce is a no-brainer, but the car may be a bit hard to get. However, they did offer cookies, too.

Leila decided to settle on an agreement of lettuce and cookies with the company.

And, the company totally delivered.

Leila posted proof that she received a gift card to Sainsbury’s and even some money to Netflix, too. What a gem.

Leila said the customer service agent, Ross, clearly has an impeccable sense of humor. She also shared the letters she received along with the gift cards.

I truly love a happy ending.

h/t: Facebook.