19 People Reveal What Made Them ‘Uncrush’ Their Crush And They’re Pretty Brutal

Everyone has experienced a crush. Whether it was a head over heels imaginary high school romance or a coworker who made coming to the office immensely more pleasurable, we’ve all been there. It’s unfortunate, however, when you picture someone a certain way in your mind and then they do or say something that completely shatters the illusion. Just take it from these people who are sharing the one thing that made them ‘uncrush’ their crush and it’s pretty damn brutal.

Twitter user Nicole Clark recently asked followers about a time they ‘uncrushed’ on someone.

And the responses are pretty amazing.

1. This person had an appalling lack of hygiene.

2. This crush committed a heinous crime against guacamole.

3. This person turned out to be a thief.

4. This individual was just disgusting.

5. This guy had a disturbing name for his genitals.

6. He was not about that commitment life.

7. He had terrible grammar.

8. She was rude to the server.

9. He penned an unnecessary poem.

10. He laughed at her life goals.

11. He was a little repetitive.

12. Zero personal hygiene.

13. He asked about her weight.

14. He might’ve been a raccoon.

15. She was not ready for kiddos.

16. He had some nasty feet.

17. She had a questionable tattoo.

18. He was a cheater.

19. Anyone who doesn’t know the difference between these.

h/t Twitter