UNO Clarified The Rules Of Card Stacking And People Are Roasting Them

UNO is a great card game to play with family or with your least interesting friends. Frankly unless you’re a card-carrying Board Game Person it’s something most people forget exists until there’s a hurricane or a power outage. 

But recently UNO had a pretty big day online when the official UNO Twitter account made the shocking announcement that you cannot, in fact, stack +2 cards 

It had been widely understood by many sadists who play UNO that if someone sticks you with the +2 card you could simply strike back with a +2 of your own instead of drawing two cards and losing your turn. This can often result in a war of slamming down +2 cards until someone gets stuck with an unholy burden and has to draw +44 cards or whatnot.

While UNO probably knew exactly what they were doing, in social media engagement terms, by cheekily stirring the pot there seems to be a strange tug of war going on between UNO and its own fans about the rules. Namely, nobody seems to know what the hell the rules are and everyone has been playing the game wrong this whole time.

So when the official UNO account chimed in to correct them those rabid card players were not pleased.

Some people agreed with UNO’s official ruling

But dissent from +2 ninjas was widespread

As for the people desperately asking whether other types of stacking were OK, like a +4 on a +2 or a +4 on a +4…well UNO shut that sh-t right down.

Incredibly some people refused to accept that UNO itself knew the rules to UNO

In conclusion, thank god for the internet, without which we would have to play UNO. 

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