25 Unpopular ‘Game Of Thrones’ Opinions From Fans You’ll Probably Hope Die By Dragon Fire

We’re now halfway through the final season of Game of Thrones and it’s all anyone (including RuinMyWeek) can talk about.

Who will sit on the Iron Throne when all is said and done? What’s going to happen to Jon Snow now that he knows he’s a Targaryen? Is Gendry going to get laid again? We need answers, people.

While we sit around counting down the days, hours, and minutes until 9 P.M. EST on Sundays, fans have been sharing their hot takes on GoT and, well, some of them are pretty fucking rude.


Sansa should end up on the iron throne. Her entire story arc has been buildingto this. She has become the most level-headed character in the show. Her time with cersi, littlefinger, and Ramsey have hardened her into this quiet badass that is capable of making rational decisions for her people. She has become so wise. The only thing left for her to do is kill cersi and and take her rightful place on the throne. alex guerrero


I used to like Daenerys, but in the recent seasons she has gotten so power hungry and irrational. I really hope she doesn’t end up on the iron throne. –Paspop


Bran is boring as hell and annoying af. His whole story line is excruciating. Mad respect for Cersei. She is one strong bad bitch. Littlefinger was so interesting to watch. So cunning. I miss him. Varys is the best. Daenerys sucks…I wish it wasn’t so but it just is. Jon snow is also boring. Jaime should be the one to kill Cersei. And he should get with ser Brienne of Tarth (although it’s amazing to watch tormund obsess over her). And I mean..it’s obvious Sansa and Tyrion should be together. –paisleyp


If it wasn’t for Black Twitter, I probably wouldn’t have watched the show. –linneag4bfd2c42e


There shouldn’t be an iron throne at the end; they should go back to being 7 separate kingdoms or possibly having a parliament. Also, the iron throne is the ugliest chair I’ve ever seen; it’s no wonder good people don’t want to actually rule, they have taste. –maddimmm


Daenerys is crazy, annoying and ain’t shit without the Dothraki and her dragons. She doesn’t deserve the Iron Throne, she’s not a good ruler. I hate Daenerys and I hope she dies soon. –Janinha


Theon killed children for personal gain. He didn’t redeem himself he just got what he deserved. –ricardotramirez


Shireen is way overrated. She was a minor character who died seasons ago. Get over it. –rayr463e676bc


Season 8 is the worst season they’ve had. Everything feels rushed. I’m also angry that they built up the Night King since season 1, I believe, and he died in a matter of 5 seconds. He didn’t say anything, he didn’t explain why they were truly there, and it felt like an absolute waste. It’s going to be going further downhill because Cersei isn’t nearly as “powerful” as the Night King. I’m disappointed. –Ally X


I ship Jon and Arya. I know, they grew up as siblings, but especially in the books they always think about each other in a way that really stroke me as kinda romantic?! I read that GRRM ultimately shipped them too and wanted them to have an unhappy love triangle with Tyrion, so maybe that’s why. Also, Cersei is a far more interesting character that Daenerys, and maybe even a better queen. –cinsan


Littlefinger is one of my favorite characters. He’s a total asshole but I love him. He’s a villain, but he’s not a joffrey/ramsay who are just pure evil. I like villains that are capableof being good, kind of like a tragic hero. He betrayed the starks. But he did save sansa. But then he sold her to ramsay. But then he’s the only reason they were able to win the battle of the bastards. But he tried to get sansa to himself by driving a wedge between her and her family. Imo theon (also one of my favs) did a lot worse than him but little finger didn’t get a redemption arc so ppl hate him. Plus he just made things more interesting, nobody can ever trust littlefinger! –jliz0801


I hate that more main characters didn’t die in the Battle of Winterfell. We did lose a lot of people but it was supposed to be an intense battle that everyone has been preparing for and almost all of the main characters are still alive??? Doesn’t make sense to me. I really would rather have the NK kill everyone and sit on the iron throne in the end. –beanmcbean


Shae was one of the most lovable characters that doesn’t deserve the hate. She got played with by powerful men who never bothered to explain quite simple facts to her that would have made the whole drama unnecessary. She was a prostitute and had to rely on powerful men for support and her bitterness after perceivingTyrion‘s behaviour as betrayal – which was wholly his fault, as he could have cleared up things in one simple conversation had he bothered to take her seriously – was understandable. –ingor2


Robb and Catelyn Stark were two of the most infuriating characters of the first three seasons. Everything they did just made things worse for the Starks and their allies so by the time The Red Wedding happened, I was not very sympathetic. You really thought people would just let you back out of a betrothal and then HELP YOU MORE?! Good riddance, let the rest of your family clean up your mess! –Jamantha


I think one of the mostfitting endings would be Cersei keeping the throne. She’s been a badass bitch since day one and outsmarted everyone else in her way. Plus, it’s Game of Thrones. Are we really supposed to expect a happy ending at this point? –shadow08


Ramsay Bolton was the best character. He made everything so much more interesting. He never cared about anything or anyone but himself and being a Bolton and ruling the north. He was a psychopath and nobody could hold him back. As for Jeoffry was a psycho but he was also whiny and made others do his dirty work. While Ramsay did everything himself. –ashleys419ae4ebc


Showing us all the process of filming the dragon scenes really took the magic out and made them less special. All I can see are the green screens. –ShriverCircus


Margaery Tyrell was the best damn queen. She was smart as hell and knew how to deal with the people. She kept Cersei on her toes and only died because of the potato sack priest. –CBJ1087


Robert Baratheon is the Worst Character on the show and in the books. His jealousy and his sense of entitlement to a woman who did NOT love him, was the catalyst for basically everything. His lie (or belief) that Rhaegar kidnapped and raped Lyanna (because she could not have possibly loved Rhaegar) sparked the war, which lead to the Targaryan dynasty being taken down, which lead to the Lannisters basically controlling the Seven Kingdoms, etc etc etc. Had Robert not had such a freaking ego, Lyanna and Rhaegar would have lived happily ever after with their baby, Jon (Aka Aegon), ruling peacefully. –whitneyvh


Catelynn sucks and Cersei is a much better mother. Everything Cersei does is for her children’s benefit and protection. Catelynn gives Arya and Robb away to Frey children just to cross a bridge which is what directly caused Robb’s death because he married someone else. Cersei always does things with her children in mind first (she couldn’t have expected Tommen to commit suicide) and never puts them in harms way. –laurenb4c686df00


I have been roasted alive for this opinion, but I’ll give it another whirl. I realize that Samwell Tarly has done A LOT of important things throughout the show; discovering that dragon glass kills wights/white walkers, learning of Rhaegar’s annulment + marriage to Lyanna (with Gilly’s help of course) which led to the discovery of Jon’s true parentage, and curing sweet, sweet Jorah (RIP) of grayscale, and many other things not listed here, but I think he is so so SO fucking annoying. I understand he’s important, and I don’t want to discredit all that he has done for everyone on the show, but I don’t know why the writers chose HIM to be the one. I mean I don’t know who could take his place as the “educated one,” but still. If he wasn’t so knowledgeable, he would serve no purpose on the show. He’s a liability on the battle field, he tends to be weak in a sense of physicality and emotions (I like empathy but sometimes there just isn’t time for that on GOT), and he’s a whiny baby! I think back to the first time he saw a wight, cowering behind a rock not doing a damn thing but hoping not to die, and just recently the Battle of Winterfell, him laying on a heap of dead bodies just crying and screaming; like, do something!!!!! He didn’t even attempt to kill the wight that killed Edd, who died protecting him!!! He’s smart and that makes him useful, and he’s a good friend I guess, I get it, but he simply irritates me. –hh


Olly’s death was not THAT satisfying. It was a sad epilogue for a small child traumatized by his parents’ brutal death. –M. F.


Night King should have survived and battled Cersei for the Throne. Story shifts to the inner Workings of the White Walkers. –morgantaylorh


Tyrion Lannister is the WORST. He was a bit cunning in the beginning, but ever since season 3, he has been awful. He trusted Shay and she betrayed him. He ran Mereen into the ground. He trusted Cersei and she betrayed him. He kept talking about how he was “needed” during the battle of Winterfell BUT MY GIRL ARYA DONT NEED SHIT FROM NO MAN. –kirstenb4f8e1020f


People are way too lenient with Jaime. He’s done some of the most cruel things in the entire show and everyone acts like he did it all because of Cersei when a.) he’s a grownass man who makes his own decisions and b.) even Tyrion said he knew Cersei but just chose to ignore her horrendous acts. It’s kind of mind-boggling how many things he does that people pass over because of “character redeeming” and “character development.” –Thesuncameout

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