20 Couples That Went Viral This Decade—For Better Or Worse

Couples are annoying enough in real life, but online they become a different beast entirely. Whether it’s parading their affection for one another to the masses, trying to market some whack-ass product or influencer lifestyle, or failing horribly at what they were attempting to do, there’s something fascinating about internet couples and their online antics. They can be cringey, funny, or actually sweet. (We have to admit many of these viral couples are actually inspiring.) But above all they want attention and for whatever reason we’re happy to give it to them.

So here, in no particular order, are some of the most viral couples of the decade.

1. This couple that got married…at a Taco Bell

2. This couple who botched their engagement photos gloriously

3. This man who proposed by putting the ring in a Big Mac, haters be damned

viral couples

4. These teens who pretended to buy a house and got people to buy it

5. This saintly husband who moved the furniture around so his wife could make “snow angels” on the carpet

6. This king who could only afford one burger and spent it on his date so she could eat like a queen

viral couples
Kittakone Sirisombath Jr.
Kittakone Sirisombath Jr.

7. This couple of Mormon missionaries who got attacked by an atheist parrot 

8. This guy who brushed his drunk girlfriend’s teeth

9. This jealous girlfriend who hired another woman to seduce her boyfriend to prove he was cheating and almost succeeded. 

10. This guy who fed his girl chicken nuggets while she got her nails done

viral couples