Florida Woman Calls The Police After Hearing Screams—Turns Out, It Was Her Neighbor’s Parrot

Recently, a Florida family heard a woman’s voice screaming for help from their neighbor’s house. Rightfully startled, they called the police, probably expecting some kind of dungeon situation or an escalating domestic spat.  

A home security camera caught the moment when officers arrived at the suspect’s house—it definitely wasn’t what they expected. 

Turns out, the neighbor’s parrot was screaming—for no reason at all. You know how parrots are!  


The video shows the police officers approaching the man, who is working on his car in the driveway. When they question him, he offers to show them the source of all the screaming. The man comes back a minute later with Rambo, his yellow-naped Amazon parrot. 


 The man told officers he’s had the 40-year-old bird, named Rambo, since childhood, and that he taught Rambo to scream for help when he was a kid to piss off his parents.

I mean, it’s a good story, but maybe someone should check the basement just in case? Maybe Rambo’s imitating a cellar of screaming victims?