Babysitter Contacts Mother For Payment After Watching Her Two Kids And Instead Gets Her Number Blocked

Whenever you do a job, you’re doing it to make money. No one works for their health, realistically. We all sign up to do a job or perform a service in the result of the payment. But, sometimes, things get lost in translation and problems can occur when you don’t receive your payment for services provided—like, babysitting.

As we all know, moms can sometimes be a bit overwhelmed but, that is no excuse to stiff someone who takes care of your children while you are away. Recently, a woman shared a text message exchange on Reddit between her sister and a mother whom her sister babysat for. After finishing her duties, she reached out to the mom for the payment arrangement they had discussed prior. But, the mother all of the sudden reacted as though she had never had the conversation—even after the babysitter provided receipts. In the end, it was straight up infuriating.

The babysitter contacted the mom to come by to collect the payment, and the mother responded saying that she wasn’t paying the sitter—that the ice cream and pleasure of spending time with her children was payment enough.


Obviously, the sitter was not going to agree to this. So, the sitter replied with receipts of their previous discussion about payment.


After the sitter reminded the mother of the payment agreement, the mother freaked out and refused to pay the agreed upon rate.


The sitter said she would even settle for $100, and that she needed the money for textbooks. But, the mother decided to block her—and call her a c*nt on top of it.


Honestly, this mother is a straight up dick. And, people on Reddit had a lot of thoughts on how to handle her.

I delete my messages often’ OOH OKAY THEN THE SCREENSHOT I JUST SHOWED YOU IS INVALID. how dumb are these people.


I’d post this on her Facebook page if I could. And on all her friend’s pages, and every childcare page… let everyone know that she refuses to pay as agreed after service has been provided. Maybe someone will shame her into paying what she owes?


I doubt this is the first time this woman has pulled this stunt. What an asshole. Small claims court for sure. If anything, to prevent her from doing this to another sitter.


What kind of mother thinks that a grown ass adult would watch your shit kids with nothing but “a day of fun” as an acceptable form of compensation?


I would put the whole thing on any baby sitting facebook groups, CL ads or literally anyone you know/find in the neighborhood. I would also show their spouse, pastor and mother. Hell take out an ad in the local paper. They need a good lambasting.


We totally agree—down with this mother.