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Woman Sparks Debate About Self Defense After Smacking A Dude Who Touched Her At A Club

A 21-year-old woman from the U.K. is going viral for how she handled being sexually assaulted by a man in a club: she hit him.

Harriet Bowley shared her experience being groped by a man and why her actions are justified.

If the man thinks he’s entitled to access her body without consent, then he is entitled to a smackin’.

The post received 24.4K likes on Twitter, as well as a few “experts” on the situation.

Which Bowley swiftly put in their place.

As well as many other Twitter users.

Awesome Dad Andrew swooped in on one of these losers. We love an educated ally!

In addition to giving these whiny babymen (not Andrew) the ratios they deserve, women began sharing how hitting men was literally the only way to get them to stop harassing them.

Which is absolutely bonkers.

Then there were stories people shared where the men couldn’t believe they had to deal with consequences for their actions.

One male Twitter user opened up about the time he was assaulted by a woman, showing that consent is universal.

Further down in the comments, Bowley admitted she was dragged away before causing a scene, while pointing out how men get away with worse behavior — ahem, sexual assault — in public places.

After her tweet went viral, Bowley shared her thoughts with Bored Panda.

“I’m glad it’s started a conversation and encouraged other women and men to talk about their own experiences when they might’ve not felt like they had a voice before.”