Who Is She? Woman Sipping Pink Gin From A Wine Glass On The Subway Becomes An Instant Icon

Every so often, we plebes—the conformers, the 9-5ers, the I’m-too-scared-to-be-me-ers—are offered a rare glimpse of the other side. And by ‘other side’ what I really mean is this fabulous lady, whose photo went viral earlier this week after she was snapped drinking a pink gin and tonic from a wineglass. On the subway. Wearing large, paparazzi-blocking sunglasses. And bejeweled flip flops. WITH SOCKS!!!

Woman Sipping Pink Gin From A Wine Glass On The Subway

A photograph of this blonde hero was posted to Twitter by Mark Locke (@langcatlocke) of Scotland, who captioned it: “To the lady drinking pink gin and tonic *from a glass* on the Northern line, I salute you. Classy.”


Locke’s photo racked up over 74,000 likes and 1,000 comments, many from admirers calling the woman a”Queen,” a “goddess,” and “a hero,” worthy of being “revered,” even in spite of her socks and flip-flops combination.

In fact, the woman appears to be somewhat of a legend, as several commenters wrote in to say they’d encountered her before.

Some strong Lucille Bluth vibes going down here, though it seems also worth noting that taking someone’s photo without their permission and posting it on social media is not a chill thing to do. Even if they are hella rad.