Hero Woman Made A ‘Why I’m Single’ Flier To Avoid Annoying Questions At A Family Wedding

Being single can really suck sometimes, especially at weddings and ESPECIALLY when everyone asks “Why are you single?” One woman decided to have a little fun answering the “why I’m single” question and she even went so far as to create a whole pamphlet to spell it out to any inquiring family members.

According to Buzzfeed, the night before her cousin’s wedding, Melissa Croce was joking with her coworkers about creating a brochure to pass around that would tackle annoying questions like “Why are you single?”

“There were many family friends who I haven’t seen in a long time, and — not to overestimate my own importance at my cousin’s wedding — but I was kind of dreading the small talk associated with the event, which I knew might consist of answering the same questions over and over: explaining my job, my life in New York, and why I’m single,” Melissa told Buzzfeed.

Melissa created a flowchart allowing friends and family to chart their own course through any number of possible answers she might give to the ‘Why I’m Single’ question and it’s pretty hilarious.

Twitter: @melissacroce

She also included some handy FAQs for other tedious questions like “How’s living in New York?” And “What do you do again?”

Twitter: @melissacroce

Melissa was surprised and delighted by how well it was received.

Twitter: @melissacroce

“People loved it!” Melissa told Buzzfeed. “What surprised me were people online who related to it and told me so, especially those who seemed to feel a bit like outcasts in their families. I hadn’t thought about it when I made it, but this is definitely a relatable thing — going to a big event and exposing the basics of your life to people who mean well, but are also strangers in many ways.”

Unfortunately, Melissa didn’t go through with her plan to pass the brochures out, which is probably for the best. Everyone struggles with small talk and getting handed a brochure when you’re trying to make nice seems a little rude, TBH.

Then again, she also said she ended up answering a bunch of those mind-numbing questions anyway, so maybe she should have.