Woman Hands Out Pamphlets To Avoid Her Family’s Annoying Questions About Her Dating Life

If you have a family and you’re single, you know that telling your family you’re going on a date means you’ll be bombarded with endless questions about every intimate detail possible. How do you combat this? Apparently, make a pamphlet that answers every single question before they get the chance to even ask it.

Twitter user Mary Beth Barone shared the pamphlet she provided to her family while on vacation in Florida.

Barone told BuzzFeed that she met a guy in Florida at a wedding a few weeks before going on vacation with her family. She planned to meet him in Miami for a date, but was unsure how to approach her entire family to actually tell them about leaving to go on the date. All. 30. Of. Them.

So, instead of fielding all of their questions, Barone made a preemptive pamphlet of answers.

“I’m going on a Date While We’re on Vacation,” it’s titled. “Here’s everything you don’t actually need to know but definitely will ask.”

The pamphlet started with a “Please remain calm” above a serene image of an ocean to make sure they do remain calm.

The questions range from “who is this guy?” to “where did you meet him?” to “what’s the parking situation?” Barone managed to answer just about every question her parents/extended family would potentially ask.

Barone told BuzzFeed that her family is nosy and invasive—but so is she. In fact, when she gave them the pamphlets, they loved it.

“I know that all their questions come from a place of love and caring, and I was glad I could ease any worries by over-communicating.”

And, as it turns out, the date went super well. Unfortunately, the guy ghosted her a few weeks later—because, you know, men are dicks.

However, people online were truly in love with the idea of making a pamphlet to field super invasive and annoying questions rather than answering them out loud.



Clearly, Mary needs to make a “how to” video on mastering the art of combatting big, annoying, nosy families because we all truly need it.

h/t: BuzzFeed