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Student Asks Twitter For A Broken Computer After Lying To Professor — A Thread About True Heroes (13 Tweets)

It’s been a minute since I was in college, so I’ll admit I’m discovering a whole new set of lies students tell their professors to get out of doing their assignments or turning them in late.

Back in my day (*Boomer voice*) I’d simply send my professor a paper with 100% wing-ding gibberish on it and claim the “email system” must have corrupted the file and I’ll need to “debug” and resubmit. That was like 2000, so you could pretty much claim anything and your 60-year-old professor would buy it.

But today’s kids have to get more and more inventive. Like this recent Twitter thread, where apparently the OP told her professor that her laptop broke completely and needed to prove it.  I’ll let you enjoy it before I comment…


Now, we do a weekly post about things that “didn’t happen” and this would normally be included in that, however, I also feel, for reasons already stated, that this kind of thing can and does happen and I relate to a believable lie like this. Am I crazy?

Either way, it’s funny.

h/t TastefullyOffensive

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