Tumblr User Explains The Truth Behind Common Figures Of Speech And Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

Some phrases and figures of speech are so common, we feel as though they make total and complete sense—without even knowing where they originate from. How many times have you used a common phrase such as “blood is thicker than water,” or “great minds think alike,” without thinking twice about them?

As it turns out, there are several figures of speech we use on a regular basis that don’t quite mean what we think they mean. Thanks to one Tumblr user who started a chain reaction of other Tumblr users chiming in—we now know that some of our favorite figures of speech are…well…twisted.

Curiosity didn’t actually kill the cat.

Jack of all trades, you’re actually not that great.

Birds of a feather, watch your back.

Cheese >>>>> Worms.

Clearly, the more you know.