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Twitter Is Getting Nostalgic Over ’90s-Era Pizza Hut (31 Tweets)

Nostalgia is a dangerous drug, but I’m drinking it right now like unlimited Pepsi out of a red plastic cup. This year has been rough, so let’s all go back to a happier place for a minute or two today and consider: The Pizza Hut.

The youths of today may not know this, but Pizza Hut wasn’t always just a place to get not great defrosted pizza in a cardboard to-go box. ’90s Pizza Hut was once a sit-down destination, full of culinary delights and engaging promotions that turned a meal into an Event.

Twitter account @Super70sSports is dedicated to reminding people of how awesome the last few decades have been, usually posting pictures or stories of things from Boomer, Gen X, and older Millennials’ childhoods that they’ll be able to join in and tweet about. They really hit a nerve when they reminded everyone of how Pizza Hut once served their fresh dough pizzas inside of an actual skillet:

The reminder got the words “Pizza Hut” trending on Twitter fast as memories came flooding back. There was more than just skillet pizza at the Hut: there were glass lamps, toys, video games, and the sweet, sweet satisfaction of getting a free pizza just for reading. Simple, delicious pleasures.

Nostalgia always has a bit of a sadness to it, as you consider what you had and what you won’t ever have again. So I’m delighted to say that at least Book It! still exists:

Scroll through and see what other memories get jogged by all the specifics and jokes people came up with. One day we will eat in restaurants again, even if we can’t go Hut again.