Retail Workers Are Sharing Stories About The Nightmare Bosses And Companies They’ve Worked For

The capitalist society we live in depends on treating workers like cogs in a machine instead of actual human beings. This especially comes up around Black Friday, a retail celebration of deals right after Thanksgiving that has literally lead to workers being stampeded to death as they open the doors to shoppers. Retail workers are treated terribly enough by customers, but they’re often getting it from their managers and employers, too.

Writer @runolgarun on Twitter shared a story about how she used to work at Old Navy and on a Black Friday she was sick with a fever of 103. She was told she’d be fired if she left, so she stayed. And much, much worse, her co-worker was also forced to stay, even though she’d just found out her sister had been murdered. 

There are some people in the replies asking why she didn’t just quit under the circumstances, but there are far, far more people who understand that quitting isn’t an option for everybody. In fact, most people had a story about working through illness, unreasonable expectations, and being punished for normal human frailty. The reality is, massive corporations don’t care about you or your health. If that doesn’t make you angry, maybe these stories will: