Man Gets Chipotle To Convince Wife To Get Burritos For Dinner

Chipotle has passed the vibe test so many times that we’ve completely forgotten the time the restaurant chain gave its customers the runs. We, however, love redemption stories and Chipotle has redeemed itself over and over.

Recently, Chipotle helped a man convince his wife to get burritos for dinner. Well-known Twitter account @TheDad tweeted at Chipotle, asking the account to tweet that it’s “National Burrito Takeout Day” so he can use the “holiday” as an excuse to have burritos for dinner.

The account, which is run by Joel Willis, made sure to include his wife’s name in a follow-up tweet.

The Chipotle social media manager — masked hero they are — came through with a personalized tweet.

Shortly after the exchange, we got an update. Willis — with Chipotle as his wingman — successfully got the burritos. Specifically his special order: a brisket burrito, white rice, black beans, corn, light sour cream, and extra cheese.

Willis says the real win, though, is not having to cook and clean up.

“I typically do most of the cooking in our house, but my wife does most of the cleanup. So it was a win for both of us,” he told Bored Panda. “In 2020, I’ll take any victory I can get. And yes, the next night I cooked the salmon.”

For more from The Dad, check out their site.

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