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Chrissy Teigen Posts Her Idea Of The “Most Embarrassing” Thing And Fans Share Their Own

There are a lot of ways to humiliate yourself in this world. Some are very specific to each person on their own embarrassing journey, and some are much more universal.  Almost everyone has embarrassed themselves in certain ways, which is why so many people found this tweet from Chrissy Teigen so relatable.

“To me, the most embarrassing thing in entire entire entire entire entire entire entire entire entire world, as in I wanna melt into a puddle and down a drain into the ocean then boiled into steam and blown into the atmosphere, is calling someone by the wrong name,” she wrote.

Wow, I wonder who inspired this tweet. Someone who works for her? Someone she met on set, then bumped into on the street? One of her own kids? We’ll never know.

She followed this tweet up by saying she is not personally offended by someone calling her the wrong name at all, which leads to the question of where this embarrassment comes from. Sometimes we are embarrassed by stuff that other people aren’t even thinking about. In fact, most of the time no one is thinking about what we are doing, because they’re too busy thinking about the embarrassing thing they just did.

I actually don’t agree with Chrissy, because I do get annoyed when someone calls me the wrong name, especially if they don’t eventually stop. But she is right that this is definitely something people do, based on the replies:

Other people, however, challenged Teigen’s claim with their own stories of even more awkward exploits:

Okay, this thread is giving me anxiety. There’s no way I’ll remember anyone’s name trying to keep track of all these potentially embarrassing mistakes I could make. Everyone is going to be “hey you” from here on out.

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