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Chrissy Teigen Was Still The Queen Of Twitter In 2019, Long Live The Queen (20 Tweets)

Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter account is a gift. She’s prolific, hysterical, and occasionally inspirational despite calling herself a “de-motivational speaker.” 2019 had Teigen warring with the President, defending her breasts, trolling her husband John Legend more than once, screaming at technology, and being refreshingly honest about the trials of parenting—among other things. We made a list of Chrissy Teigen’s funniest tweets of 2019, so get ready to revisit the year in Chrissy Teigen Twitter. 

1. The time she called President Trump a “pussy ass bitch.”

2. When she went above and beyond to share her favorite beauty products.

3. When she was upfront about friendship anxiety.

4. When she said what we’ve always wondered but were too embarrassed to ask.

5. The time she told someone their brother had sex with peanut butter.

6. That time she maybe didn’t give her parents enough credit.

7. When she celebrated husband John Legend’s Sexiest Man Alive title…

8. Bashed his haters…

9. And then quickly deconstructed it.

10. When she was the spokesperson for a product she didn’t entirely know how to use.

Patricia Grisafi

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