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An Elephant Killed A Woman Then Went To Her Funeral To Attack Her Corpse And Now It’s A Meme (17 Tweets)

I’m sure we’ve all bumped into the story about a woman who was tragically trampled to death by an elephant in India, then that elephant trampled her body at her funeral.

Now it’s a …meme? Guys, we need to relax. Like, I know it’s been a rough few years, but meme-ing a story about someone’s death seems … gross. It’s gross, guys.

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Maya Murmu, 70, was attacked by an elephant when she went to get water in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district. A few days later, at Ms. Murmu’s funeral, the elephant returned, picked up the body, and trampled it again.

The enraged animal attacked the woman’s house and killed her goats. Other members of the herd also destroyed the village.

Duncan McNair, lawyer and founder of Save the Asian Elephants, spoke with Newsweek about the incident. He said that, though these incidents are rare, they also do not usually happen without provocation.

“These endangered elephants can be deadly dangerous, particularly when provoked or abused,” he said.

It’s unclear what Murmu did to enrage the elephant if anything.

1. Don’t piss them off

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2. Interview

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3. The wrong party

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4. Imagine

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5. This isn’t a substantiated fact

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6. Hollywood ending

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7. Focus

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8. Timing

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9. This isn’t quite true

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10. Elephants mourn

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11. Let’s go.

12. She was ready

13. And punctual

14. Why would you SIT THERE?

15. Why

16. Don’t forget

17. Twice

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