The Pick Two Animals Meme Is The Most Divisive Discourse on Twitter Right Now

There are many arguments raging on Twitter. Some are tearing communities apart. Friends, families, all are bitterly fighting over all manner of things. Yet, the most divisive argument of the week is all about animals. 

Twitter user Dan Nolan shared a meme that has circulated for some time, writing, “I’ve been driven insane by this,” inviting everyone else to go absolutely insane too.

The meme shows nine panels featuring animals with a number: 50 eagles, ten alligators, three bears, seven bulls, a single man with a gun, 15 wolves, 10,000 rats, five gorillas, and four lions. Below, it reads, “Pick two. They will defend you. the rest are coming to kill you.”

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The debate quickly got ugly. Maybe it’s because everything else we’ve been arguing about seems too serious to fight over amongst your mutuals, but people really let loose with their animal opinions. People were willing to bet their lives on their ideas about which animals would be the best defense against all the other animals —as indeed you would be. It is a matter of life and death:

There was also a lot of frustration over the missing aspects of the meme. For instance, what is the terrain? Are we judging based on efficiency? Strength? Numbers? The analysis got in-depth and intense:

It’s truly a difficult choice and ultimately comes down to what kind of general you are. Do you fight to defend? Or fight to go out in a blaze of glory? Answer that first, and you’ll know who stands by your side (it’s 10,000 rats and a guy with a gun, obviously).

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