People Confess “The Most Feral Thing” They’ve Done In Lockdown (33 Tweets)

The past 6 months have been hard on Americans. While many other countries have managed to obey social distancing orders and mask mandates, we’re over here still struggling through our first coronavirus surge, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Being unable to socialize or leave the house for fear of contracting a deadly virus has forced many people to get creative. Podcaster and comic book artist @drewtoothpaste recently asked his followers to “tell me the most feral thing you have done in the past six months of virus” to make him “feel better about eating a bag of frozen french fries for dinner.”

Honestly? Eating a bag of frozen fries doesn’t even seem that insane to me at this point. While many folks’ “feral” behaviors had to do with their nasty quara-meals, others shared their woeful tales of hygiene, grooming, and light alcoholism.

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