Former Poor Kids Share The Things They Have Now That Were Considered “Luxuries” Growing Up (26 Tweets)

Writer and publicist Victoria Barrett asked a question of her followers on Twitter that brought up a lot of difficult memories for people who grew up in poor households. Barrett characterized herself as a “former poor kid,” indicating she’s moved up the economic ladder in adulthood, but she still remembers what it was like to want things that seem so small, but could break the bank.

She asked, “What are some things you have in your house that you *never* had as a kid, things your not-poor friends would never consider luxuries?”

She offered some examples of her own, all pretty simple items like Kleenex, band-aids, paper towels, her own closet—The kind of stuff that even middle-class people take for granted as easily accessible:

The replies are painful to read, especially if this is an experience you’ve had. It will bring up a lot of memories—or maybe hold up a mirror to your current experience.

For folks who haven’t lived it, reading these answers are a good reminder to appreciate what you have. To someone else, it might be the deepest luxury imaginable.











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