18 Gross Things Americans Do, According To People In Other Countries

Folks, it might be time to wake up, smell the gunpowder, and realize that Americans have some very different customs than in other parts of the world. From just the standard weird American habits like driving a car everywhere to the more nasty stuff like putting wearing shoes inside the house, people in other countries have definitely noticed our strange, star-spangled practices. 

Here are some of the more surprising ones from Twitter: 

1. Creamer in our coffee

2. Beans on toast is still weird! 

3. They have a point here

4. Dark chocolate is where it’s at

5. Paper towels on the butt is a no-go 

6. Pasta salad

7. PB and J slander

8. Wait until they hear what we do with babies

9. So much dirt in those carpets

10. How is it supposed to be sold? 

11. Cheese on eggs is gross now?!

12. Just plain wrong about White Claws

13. Liking the mafia

14. In fact we do 

15. We lack bidets

16. No pumpkin spice either

17. We can’t even eat pancakes right! 

18. It adds some extra flavor

More Weird Stuff Americans Do: