HR Manager Tells “Obviously Very Liberal” Job Applicant She Doesn’t Hire People With Pronouns In Their Bio

Seems like so many people these days hang out in their own little echo chambers listening to only information they like. They don’t need to listen to or understand anyone else because they already know everything.

Does this sound like a certain group to you? Well, it should. It’s pretty much all of the groups. Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, conservatives, LGBTQ+, Proud Boys; everyone is out there living in their own reality.

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Watch this tweet video I’m going to show you. Where do your biases land? The video itself is from a liberal woman (@emilysavesusa), but it was tweeted by a more conservative man. The comments are all over the place.

The woman in the video describes an interview she just had with a very rude HR manager. “I’m going to assume you’re obviously very liberal,” she says. “I’m going to assume you’re not a very hard worker. You’re probably a female or not straight guy, and you’re going to be the laziest person, you’re going to be the most entitled, and complain the most.” 

Obviously, that’s a lot to put on someone who you don’t know at all. And sure, you don’t want someone like that working in your office, but if every liberal pronoun person was like that the world would be even more of a mess than it already is.

Since this was posted to a more conservative account, the comments lean more that way, but because the tweet went viral, it found a bit broader of an audience. While Twitter isn’t always the best place for discourse, I feel like tis is a discussion that people on all sides need to have.

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Here’s the tweet:

Like I said, the comments lean more conservative, but I tried to grab a mix.

Where do you land on this? I agree some people can be annoying and toxic for the workplace, but to put that on an entire group is insane and very shortsighted. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.