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People Are Sharing “The Most Inappropriate Songs” They’ve Ever Heard At A Wedding (30 Tweets)

Weddings always have at least one awkward moment, whether it’s a drunken toast or a stumble on the dance floor. Things get smoother over and everybody moves on, unless it involves ruining the bride’s dress or something. That’s the only true disaster, short of an objection during the ceremony. But a kind of funny awkwardness I’ve never thought too much about is the awkwardness of the sounds being pumped into everyone’s ears at the same moment: the song played while walking down the aisle.

Twitter account for radio program Double J Mornings asked their following, “What’s the most inappropriate song you’ve ever heard at a wedding? Preferably, walking down the aisle.”

There were so, so many replies, indicating that this is not an isolated issue. I think that a lot of songs that make us feel emotional about love aren’t necessarily “love songs.” They’re more often heartbreak songs, or ballads with a story, and that story isn’t always about a happily-ever-after. So some people chose songs to walk down the aisle to or do their first dance to that are not exactly about the best aspects of love, according to the replies. And yes, a lot of people added that the couples who chose a bad song didn’t end up lasting as couples for very long. Be very careful how you set the tone on your wedding day, because it apparently informs the whole marriage.

On the other hand, these songs would make a good playlist: