30 “My Family Is Weird” Stories, From Jimmy Fallon’s Audience

It kind of seems like everyone thinks their family is super weird, but do you have the stories to back it up? Stories you’d be willing to share with celebrity late-night host Jimmy Fallon? That might be read on TV?!

If the answers are yes, yes, and yes, you have the opportunity right here.

Fallon asked for people to share their “funny, weird, or embarrassing” things that family members have done or said.

And he even gave an example from his own friend’s weird family.

“My friend’s family used to send out their annual Christmas card with everyone’s height and weight on it,” he wrote. That actually is very weird to me. What will people do with this information? I guess it makes sense (kind of) for an infant, but a certain point, people’s weight should be between themselves and maybe their doctor. It’s definitely not for everyone on the Christmas card list.

The best weird family stories are below, and I think they’re a good gauge of just how weird your own family is.

Tally up how many seem strange to you and how many don’t and you’ll probably have a good notion of where you belong in the percentile of weirdness.