Viral Thread Details The Negative Health Effects Caused By Lack Of Sleep (15 Tweets)

If you’re suffering from insomnia these days, that’s no surprise. It’s hard to sleep with so much going on in the world that keeps your mind and body from relaxing. That’s on top of all the usual obligations and responsibilities that keep people up late and wake them early. Or maybe you just have a habit of doom scrolling in bed for hours instead of getting any shut-eye. Whatever the reasons you have for not sleeping, try to do something about it immediately. It’s hurting you.

That’s according to Twitter user @1chigoko, who wrote a long thread about how lack of sleep deteriorates health on all fronts.

They started with, “Consistently sleeping less than 6-7 hrs wrecks your immune system- sleep is a key factor in determining if you will develop Alzheimer’s – improper sleep for even a week will disrupt your sleep enough that you could be classified as pre-diabetic.”

That’s already a list of terrifying and horrible things that can happen when you can’t sleep enough, but it was nowhere near the end of the list.

Lack of sleep can affect attempts to diet, drastically change your mood, your rational thoughts, makes people more susceptible to addiction, and anxiety. 

It’s not always up to us how much sleep we get, but if you find that some of your habits limit the amount of time you spend resting, try and adjust them. It will be sort of a trial for how much sleep affects how you feel on a regular basis. You might not be able to measure the overall health support sleep gives you across your life, but you might see how much better it makes you feel in the short term.

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