This Person Compiled All The Positive Changes Coming Out Of The BLM Protests (21 Tweets)

After about two weeks of widespread protests, the Black Lives Matter movement has already begun transforming many industries, many people’s perception of themselves and their own racist actions, and many people’s relationship to the idea of policing. People who never considered the phrase “defund the police” are now yelling it from the streets. But has it made a difference in anything besides awareness? It’s definitely starting to.

Twitter user @_nectarine808_ started compiling actual changes that have begun happening around the U.S. in response to protests, and it keeps getting added to by more and more people as new laws, repeals, reforms, and statue destructions pop up everywhere.

Some of these changes are more symbolic than anything, unfortunately, or they’re “reforms” that might not be appropriately implemented. I’d say that many politicians are still at the bargaining stage. But with continued pressure, things can change in even greater and more significant ways. For example, on Tuesday, Section 50-a of New York state’s Civil Rights Law was repealed:

That section protected the disciplinary records of police officers from the public. Now they can’t be protected by that section any longer. One step at a time—step on the gas.