“You About To Lose Yo Job” Is The Anti-Racist Anthem Of 2020

A viral video featuring a woman detained by an officer singing to him that he’s going to lose his job has sprung up to become the unofficial anthem of the moment.

The video, which surfaced earlier this month with zero context, features a woman who has been handcuffed by an officer demanding to be told why she is detained.

“I don’t want to be detained for no goddamn reason,” she tells him. “WHY are you detaining me?!”

When the man doesn’t answer, she breaks into a song and dance telling him he’s about to lose his job because he’s detaining her for no reason. But text will never do this work of art justice, so it’s better just to watch:

In no time, a phenomenally catchy remix had popped up.

DJ Suede the Remix God and iMarkkeyz, who also remixed Cardi B’s coronavirus rant earlier this year, remixed the mystery woman’s song and added a solemn shout out to the four police officers who were (finally) arrested and charged with killing George Floyd.

It spread like wildfire across the internet, as it matches the current public sentiment towards police attacking protestors as well as corrupt and inept politicians mismanaging the situation.

The woman in the video was finally identified after her family caught wind of it.

Her name is Johnniqua Charles and her sister, Andrea, set up an Instagram page for her once she realized Johnniqua’s song and dance had taken the internet by storm.

But it took a few more days for Johnniqua herself to find out she had become a star. According to Andrea, Johnniqua has been struggling with addiction and is currently homeless.

“All funds that have been donated will go towards seeking her help and to care for her child,” she wrote, referencing the Venmo link in the Instagram bio. “I am also working with @imarkkeyz & @remixgodsuede so that she receives profit for her hit single.”


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Hello everyone, I am Johnniqua’s sister and I created this page for her being that everyone was looking for that “viral girl” lol She is not in custody, but the video is deeper than a song and dance. My sister is currently homeless and battling with an addiction. My nephew her 3 y/o is in the care of family. All funds that have been donated will go towards seeking her help and to care for her child. I am also working with @imarkkeyz & @remixgodsuede so that she receives her profit from her hit single. Her slogan is also being trademarked. If you need more verification my name is Andrea and I will clarify anything for you all. The link to purchase merch is in the bio. As the world witnessed my sister is incredibly dope and her spirit is amazing, that’s who she is “Naturally” 😂 P.S The messages you all are sending are sincerely heart warming. Being that those messages are meant for her I will allow her to respond to you all when she is able to.

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Once her family was able to track her down, Johnniqua sat down for an Instagram Q&A and to tell everyone the story behind the video.

“I got into an argument with the officer that was in the video, and…in the middle of the argument, I told him to suck my…dick, and he got upset,” she said. “So he aggressively threw me up against the car…and then he threw the handcuffs on me. That’s when the song came…Like I told him, anybody who knows me knows that’s just how I am.”


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I’m glad this video touched many of you and made you smile. Thanks for all the love. -Johnniqua Charles

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Fortunately, Johnniqua didn’t end up in custody, and says the people he called for backup made him let her go since he had no legitimate reason to hold detain her.

The man in the video has also been identified as a security guard named Julius Locklear, who shared the video himself several months ago.

He told TMZ the incident happened back in February outside a club he had been hired to work at in South Carolina. Julius says Johnniqua was detained because she wouldn’t leave the club when it closed, but that she was ultimately given a lift home by the club’s DJ.

He also says that no, he did not lose his job. But Johnniqua has some thoughts on that.

“This video going so viral, he just might lose his job,” she said, while her sister laughed in the background. “I don’t know.”

Regardless of Julius’s employment status, Johnniqua’s momentary detainment has certainly provided us with a gift to use against all the jerks out there who keep outing themselves as racists and…losing their jobs.

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