Mark Hamill Has Been Dropping Secret “Star Wars” Trivia For Years (23 Tweets)

Mark Hamill is a force to be reckoned with. (Sorry.) Hamill, Star Wars hero who played Luke Skywalker, is vocal on social media, particularly Twitter, where he often mixes it up with his views on politics and pop culture. Something he also does is wade in to confirm or deny factual claims about Star Wars with supreme authority. From Star Wars trivia to private moments on set during the making of the films, few people know more about Star Wars than the man who starred in so many of the films and has spent the decades since answering innumerable questions about them.

Here’s a selection of Star Wars facts and trivia, as told by Mark Hamill himself. 

1. The time he confirmed that there is underwear in space

2. He once stood in for his own prop-head

3. The “blue milk” on Tatooine almost made him hurl

4. His bad joke to George Lucas got him dunked in the trash compactor

5. Sometimes his earpiece picked up radio transmissions during his scenes with Yoda

6. Luke Skywalker was originally named “Luke Starkiller.”


7. Who wears short-shorts? Rebel fighter pilots, that’s who.

8. The character he really wanted to play was… Darth Vader

9. Lucas used to tell the actors on set that Star Wars was “only a movie.” How things have changed…

10. Sometimes when he was lonely Hamill would come to the Star Wars just to hang out.