Video Claims There Are Two Different Ways To Think About Time And People Are Getting Heated

The internet is great at fostering communities but even better at dividing humanity along irrelevant fault lines like whether a dress is white and gold or blue and black. 

No sooner does someone pose such a question that suggests our shared views of reality may in fact be quite different than the online world is engaged in passionate warfare over something that is obviously subjective. 

The newest example of this sort of social cyber warfare drives a wedge into our perception of time itself. According to one TikTok user, whose video went viral when it was shared on Twitter, there are basically two types of ways people discern time. He provided a test: When someone says that a noon meeting has been moved forward by two hours do you understand that to mean that the meeting is now at 10 AM or 2 PM?


The original poster on Twitter was firmly of the opinion that moving the noon meeting forward two hours would mean 2 PM but her own partner disagreed and he was not alone.

The 2 PMers were incredulous

But the 10 AMers had a strong case. Since a delayed meeting is “pushed back” surely a meeting that is being pushed “forward” would be held earlier rather than later!?


Sadly as of this writing the 2 PMers appear to be winning by a narrow majority in the (probably-rigged) polls. 

Some people just found the whole concept mildly sus which is probably the wisest take on what is basically a pointless argument about semantics 

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