New Meme Is Roasting Men Who Refuse To Go To Therapy (25 Memes)

Therapy is good for you!

If you can find a good therapist. And have insurance. Or can pay out of pocket. And have time to go.

There are a lot of caveats, because even though seeing a supportive, ethical therapist should be available to all, it’s not always so easy.

Clearly, Twitter isn’t the place to discuss nuances. The “men will” meme is all about generalizations about how men relate to mental health treatment. It certainly does seem like a lot of cis men have been socialized to avoid confronting their feelings honestly at all cost.

That’s probably why these tweets are so popular: the format is to write “men will literally ___ instead of going to therapy.”

Fill in the blank with whatever ludicrous behavior you’ve seen a guy engage in so he doesn’t have to admit he’s sad or scared.

As the meme grew, it became a way to not only call out Donald Trump and his followers, but to summarize movies, TV shows, and great moments in history as symptoms of not going to therapy. Generalizations might be bad, but these tweets are still pretty good: