People Are Sharing Stories About The Bad Grades That Didn’t “Ruin Their Lives” After All

Good news, kids. A bad grade will most likely not ruin your life, despite what all your teachers say. If you have a fierce desire to learn in your field, you’ll find a way, even if you failed calculus in high school.

Okay, that’s not guaranteed, but what is! However, these anecdotes about “bad grades” are enough to give anyone with a terrible report card hope. Writer Rae Paoletta asked their followers, “What’s a class you got a bad grade in and thought was going to ruin your life but didn’t?”

They shared an example from their life, getting Cs in statistics, and the trauma of it all:

And it can be traumatic. Failing at something, especially when you care about it, can make you an emotional wreck. The important thing to remember is that there is usually a chance to try again…or a chance to let it go and pivot to something even better. There’s so much to learn out there, and the only person who decides you’ve really failed is you. Scroll through below for the stories of people who got bad grades and survived—or triumphed!