This Viral Twitter Thread About The Kindness Of Strangers Will Have You Ugly Crying

There’s something about reading a truly wholesome story that makes us feel like maybe, just maybe, not everything in the world is a complete dumpster fire. That small sliver of hope is enough to get us through the day and keep us from throwing our phones out the window of a moving car when the latest news update arrives.

In the spirit of keeping things positive, one Twitter user asked people about the most genuine act of kindness they ever experienced at the hands of a stranger and the responses have us reaching for tissues.

On Monday, writer Nicole Cliffe asked Twitter about the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for them.

Cliffe began the thread by telling a story of her own.

And it wasn’t long before people began sharing their heartfelt experiences…

1. Like this thoughtful man:

2. And this selfless stranger:   

3. A hero among men:

4. This group of kind souls:

5. And this complimentary man:

6. This apologetic stranger:

7. This super mom:


8. This generous woman:

9. This unbelievably kind doctor:

10. An amazing group of young strangers:


11. This Sony employee:

12. A comforting gesture:


13. This helpful dad:

14. An unexpected gift:

15. And this touching act of kindness:

h/t Twitter