If You’re Gonna Photoshop A Nail In Your Tire To Get Out Of Work, Maybe Put In A Little More Effort

Listen, we’ve all been there. Sometimes you just don’t want to work. It’s part of the human experience. You get up, think about what the day holds and, most of the time, pick yourself up to make it in to work.

Or you get up and say “don’t feel like it, let’s use my bad photoshop skills to pull one over on my boss.”

That’s what one person recently did to get out of work.

Twitter user @sydneyywhitson gave us all a good dose of joy when she posted the image her coworker sent to their boss.




Bad photoshopped tire

Yep, there it is.

In the comments, people hilariously started sending over real images with nails embedded in tires.

But then the voice of reason came along and reminded us of a little obstacle.

Thankfully, someone came through with great advice.

We just hope the photoshop master still has their job. One, who can blame them? And two, they brought us all joy.

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