16 Brutally Honest Questions For Boomer Men

We’ve scrolled the internet and found a whole slew of light-spirited snarking at Boomer men. Don’t get me wrong. I love my Boomer dad, but some of these had me snort-laughing along as I scrolled. I mean: the man wears tube socks and shorts. I love him! But oh my. Anyway, enjoy!

1. Parking

Twitter: @thepunkrockmba

2. Clapping

Twitter: @BolingAlli

3. Vests

Twitter: @anxious_carrot

4. Advice

Twitter: @MaxieMoosie

5. Selfies

Twitter: @ChocoHorror

6. Connections

Twitter: @bitt3rb1tch

7. Phone calls

Twitter: @snoozybronco

8. Cars

Twitter: @CarniolanLeshy

9. Gym

Twitter: @c4ffeinatedc0r1

10. I don’t think they ALL do this, but yikes

Twitter: @sweepingtree

11. Cat

12. Tavern

13. Commas

14. Gym II

15. No phones