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Man Live-Tweets Thieving ‘Raccoon’ Removal But Finds Out It Wasn’t A Raccoon Or A Thief

I love me a good burst of nature, but I do admit that I prefer wildlife less in my HOME and more, you know, outdoors. It’s absolutely fine when I’m outside or camping or something, but I sure would rather not have creatures making a home in my house.

Alan Alquist / Unsplash

@yoda over on Twitter took us for an absolute spin with his story about a raccoon in his attic. He tweeted the entire journey — and boy, is it a JOURNEY — for us to follow, so we rounded them all up for you. Enjoy!

And we begin…

It’s been there a while…

Where did the snow crabs come from?

His comfort

Humane treatment

The hilarity starts

A good ol’ calendar invite

It’s spacious, so it makes sense why the little guy put down roots!

No longer!

Kris is coming!

raccoon removal
@yoda / Twitter

Where. Did the snow. Crabs. Come from?

raccoon removal
@yoda / Twitter

And Kris finally arrives…


The last update…

PHEW. So glad everything went well.